Step 1 10min

The airport from the air

As soon as we get off the controls, we board again. With Extime, Paris Aéroport Welcome to the Paris of decorative arts, flea markets and French excellence. Designer Dorothée Meilichzon has created an harmonious and welcoming atmosphere worthy of a film set.

The monumental, 110m long geometric mural, which literally covers the entire length of the boarding hall, certainly catches your eye. An airport runway seen from the sky! Everything is there, crossing and matching each other perfectly. For example, you can see the ground markings, essential for the smooth movement of planes…

Enjoy this original work from one end to the other, and then continue your journey…


Détail fresque Terminal 2G à Paris-CDG
Step 2 30min

Go antiquing aviation history

A dreamlike, quiet sky universe welcomes you as a traveller!

All around you, many elements are involved: armchairs reclining like in planes, aluminium everywhere to remind you of old-time aeroplane cabins, mushroom lamps typical of the 1920s, trolleys used by the crew as dustbins, not to mention the furniture fabrics, signed Maison Thévenon. The Plane Poule textile, for example, reserves a surprise for the most attentive observer: small stylised planes have been added to the Jacquard.

Lastly, the Saint-Ouen flea market is also in the spotlight: giant sconces from the Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (Enac), hangers in the shape of an aircraft engine… The unusual is nicely tinged with history and aviation.

Moment détente Terminal 2G à Paris-CDG
Moment détente Terminal 2G à Paris-CDG
Fauteuils avion Terminal 2G à Paris-CDG
Lampes champignon Terminal 2G à Paris-CDG
Poubelles trolley Terminal 2G à Paris-CDG
Lampes chinées Terminal 2G à Paris-CDG
Step 3 20min

The fountain in the Luxembourg Gardens

A Parisian “retreat”, with the lapping of water from a fountain in the background, is a must, before taking off or between two flights, for a moment of peace and relaxation.

A nod to the original Luxembourg garden fountain on the Left Bank of Paris, you can curl up in a recliner or a Fermob chair, so typical of the Paris gardens.

Let your imagination run free… Everything is in the details, highlighting the architecture of the Paris of the past: the arches are a reminder of the old Parisian gates, the green-grey colour, a little oxidised, is a reference to the Haussmann monuments, such as the Grand Palais or the Opéra Garnier.


Step 4 10min

Art for all, among all

Under the shade of trees is the name of this masterful sculpture which hugs travellers from all over the world like a bench under the trees, coming to be comforted. Created by the French artists Jean-Marie and Marthe Simonnet, known as Les Simonnet, it is a lovely tribute to the plastic arts decade of the 1970s.

Art fascinates, unleashes passions and commits itself to an idea: in this case, a bridge between plane and aviation!

Step 5 40min

The Queen and King Game

Lovers of board games will be delighted with chess, draughts and backgammon, with all the tables in the terminal offering the prospect of some great face-to-face games.

All passengers, young and old, can play with their neighbours during a stopover or take-off, unlike the select clubs of the early 20th century. All the counters are on sale at the Relay!

Tables de jeux Terminal 2G à Paris-CDG
Tables de jeux Terminal 2G à Paris-CDG
Tables de jeux Terminal 2G à Paris-CDG

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